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Social Buzz: Gotham, Murder Post Big Facebook, Twitter Numbers and Unified marketing join forces to bring you Social Buzz — a weekly snapshot of TV chatter in social media.

For some, fall means the return of pumpkin spice lattes, college football, and of course, the return of their favorite shows.

Last week, several highly anticipated TV series premiered, including The Blacklist, Gotham, black-ish and How To Get Away With Murder. Looking at the social engagement for these shows on Facebook and Twitter, we wondered:

  • With all the fun marketing surrounding for the return of The Blacklist, including special magazine covers, subway ads and even a recap of one-liners set to AC/DC, were its fans riled up online?
  • Word of mouth seemed strong for Gotham, but do wagging tongues mean more tweets?
  • Black-ish had a massive multimedia push for its series premiere. Did it help social activity?
  • Controversial opinions flared in the press around How To Get Away With Murder. Did all that talk get fans buzzing?

Here’s what we found:

How to Get Away With Murder got away with a lot on social media, with an outstanding performance on both networks:

  • Facebook - 443.1 Engagements per 1K fans
  • Twitter - 436.9 Engagements per 1K followers

Gotham made strong showings on the two social nets as well:

  • Facebook - 407.8 Engagements per 1K fans
  • Twitter - 490.6 Engagements per 1K fans

See chart above for more information.