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For producers who want artwork on the set, Fanny Pereire is there.

As Dale Cooper, Kyle MacLachlan is much more than a fed who fancied cherry pie and “a damn good cup of coffee.” He is the narrative and moral center of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

Four editors’ quick work with racially charged footage was a haunting experience.

Turning 900 pages of fiction into transfixing television was the challenge for David Nicholls, who adapted the works of Edward St. Aubyn for Showtime’s Patrick Melrose.

Sticking to a routine is not part of this actor’s résumé.

TV reboots bring new sounds to their theme music — while paying homage to the originals.

Mexican food — from her D.C. kitchen — is the specialty of this TV chef.

The NBCU Digital team doubles down on social media platform Snapchat.

After a lifetime of bad guy roles and a dream role in Man in the High Castle, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is spreading martial healing.

Savvy casting is key in reality TV. Practitioners need passion — and persistence.