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Janet Carol Norton





Janet Carol Norton is a key agent and partner at ICM Partners. She works as co-head of the television production department and represents producers and directors in television. Specifically, Norton has made a name for herself in the television community by building a niche business representing line producers who cover the majority of the marketplace in scripted television.

Known for having the best clients in Los Angeles and Canada, Norton specializes in managing top-end producers who have mastered the art of producing comedies and dramas that have shot domestically and internationally, such as Homeland, Fargo, House of Cards, Gilmore Girls, The Big Bang Theory and Man in the High Castle. She has developed a synergy at ICM Partners between the agency’s showrunner clients and the producers — thus playing an instrumental role in filling the overall package of any given production.

Norton continues to develop her producer-director client careers, as well as represent several production executives. She is the “go to” agent for executives and line producers to find the perfect match.

For the Television Academy, Norton has enjoyed several years working as a member of the Professional Representatives Peer Group Executive Committee and serving on various committees within the organization.

Norton holds a B.F.A. in Drama from Carnegie Mellon University and an M.F.A. from CMU and the Moscow Art Theatre School in Russia. She is a past president of Carnegie Mellon University’s West Coast Drama Alumni Clan and served on its board for 11 consecutive years. She is also a past board member of Carnegie Mellon University’s Andrew Carnegie Society, and chair of the Nominating and Awards Committee. In 2005, she received an Alumni Service Award from CMU and has served as an adjunct professor of Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz Business School in Los Angeles.

Norton is the mother of two young children and is married to Brad Dumont, who is an executive in charge of production and producer.

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