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On Billions, they’re the oh-so-stylish powers behind their conspiring mates.

Photographs by Mike Ruiz

She’s not a mom or a doctor, but she plays one on TV.

With Oprah Winfrey, a distinguished writer-director depicts a daughter’s search — and a medical marvel — in a new HBO film.

Opposing styles converge in visual verve on Anthony Bourdain.

In his new drama series for Showtime, John Ridley looks at ‘70s social justice in the U.K.

Ian McShane tackles another temperamental character in American Gods.

The newest escape on Prison Break keeps its visual-effects pro on the run.

A dark side of celebrity casts its shadow on E!’s The Arrangement.

As Bates Motel nears its close, its showrunner sees the romantic side of its deranged residents.

With a mega-deal at Netflix and a commitment to “something compelling,” Chelsea Handler is groovin’ in a new talk show - 30 episodes per season, streaming globally - and “being a really, really loud voice” politically.