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Richard Rawlings likes people "who come to work every day, get their hands dirty and work hard."

Operators struggle to retain customers in a streaming era that’s made adding and dropping TV services fast and easy.

The mockumentary gets a sophomore shakeup in American Vandal, now headed to season two.

Al Pacino tackles another controversial role as Penn State’s Joe Paterno. “We never really know him,” admits the actor, who remains — in his words — “a sucker for the challenge.”

Sam Jones gets down to basics on his Audience Network talk show.

David Fincher went looking for the 1970s — and found them in Pittsburgh. but that was just the start for the esteemed producer-director and his team, who recreated the era for Mindhunter, the Netflix series about two pioneering FBI profilers.

The inspired minds behind Archer preview season nine, Danger Island.

Rare footage and new insights illuminate Elvis Presley’s life and work in an HBO documentary that, Priscilla Presley says, reveals “his heart and soul.”

OWN scores with an unscripted series that spotlights African-American couples.

Legion’s Rachel Keller is finding herself in L.A.