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Ten Hallmark Hall of Fame gems.

When the storyline heads to the city of lights, so too go the cast and crew of Red Oaks.

For the third season of Mozart in the Jungle, the production moved from New York to Venice, where no less than Placido Domingo joined the cast for a night shoot on the Grand Canal. The Italians have a word for that: bellissimo!

The cure for the post-Downton doldrums could be Acorn TV, the streaming service that, for more than two decades, has been sating Yankee appetites for the best in British dramas, mysteries and more.

Keeping an open mind has kept this actor working in a wide range of roles for almost a half-century.

Telling truths in television — personal or universal — comes at a cost. But that doesn't keep the candid co-creator of Fox's Empire — and the upcoming Star — from keeping it real... at least, as he sees it.

With so many new outlets touting high-quality originals, the folks (and, yes, it’s that kind of business) at Hallmark Hall of Fame are entitled to a chuckle.