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Telling truths in television — personal or universal — comes at a cost. But that doesn't keep the candid co-creator of Fox's Empire — and the upcoming Star — from keeping it real... at least, as he sees it.

With so many new outlets touting high-quality originals, the folks (and, yes, it’s that kind of business) at Hallmark Hall of Fame are entitled to a chuckle.

For 34 year old stand-up Jerry Seinfeld, scoring a fancy network meeting was a sufficient symbol of success. But a November 1988 meeting at NBC — which screwed up his afternoon — led to no less than mastery of the medium and a place in television history.

Networks and digital streamers turn to a classic format that’s shaking up television drama.

Turning comic books into successful series comes naturally to this lifelong fanboy.

With an ambitious mini about boy band New Edition, BET ups its commitment to originals.

When a world-class thief hooks up with a hitman, the result is a dangerous dance in TNT’s Good Behavior.