Me and My Emmy

Me and My Emmy: Rob Corddry

  • Corey Nickols

Primetime Emmy Tally: Two

How He Got the Gold: As executive producer of the Adult Swim–web series Childrens Hospital, named in 2012 and 2013 outstanding special class short-format live-action entertainment program (a third Emmy was given to Corddry by Jon Stewart for his contributions to The Daily Show).

Now for the Noms: Two more noms in the same category, in 2014 and ’15, also for Childrens Hospital; and yet two more this year: for outstanding short-form comedy or drama series and as outstanding actor in a short-form comedy or drama.

Funny Bone: “I was heading back from my first visit to the real Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles with my wife and young daughter when the idea for Childrens Hospital popped into my head. My wife was into Grey’s Anatomy at the time, and I thought it would be funny to see versions of those characters in the most inappropriate environment. So, thanks to my daughter, Sloane, for having a tricky ligament in her elbow.”

Down with Clowns: “People like to say that they’re afraid of clowns, but I tend to doubt that. I think scary is the current shorthand for off-putting.

My original concept [for my character, Dr. Blake Downs] was that the makeup would be poorly applied and somewhat smudged, because I wanted it to feel wrong. But it turns out that clown makeup itself just feels wrong. But having the least likable character on the show portrayed as an age-old symbol of laughter and joy was the main idea.”

Lasting Laugh: “I was in first grade. We were visiting my cousins, and my mother was wearing a bathing suit. She lowered the shoulder straps to get some color and I said, ‘Daddy, Mommy’s ready.’ The husband of my mother’s half-cousin laughed like I’ve never heard anyone laugh since. Still chasing that laugh. And chasing answers in therapy.”

Batty Bond: “These awards remind me that I’ve had at least a few really good moments. It also feels really good to know that people I respect enjoy the same kind of bonkers stuff I do — it’s like this fickle industry full of intimidatingly smart people is saying, ‘Hey, we get you, buddy! Look at this golden statue and relax.’”