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2017-2018 Officers' Election

Nominations are now being accepted.

Nominations are presently being accepted for the election of Officers of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for the 2017 – 2018 two-year terms. The elected Officer positions include the following: Chair, Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chair - Los Angeles Area. Below is a synopsis of the responsibilities of each office.

Duties – Officers

Chair - The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Board and of the Members and shall appoint all committees and representatives. The Chair shall have all other powers and perform all other duties usually exercised by chief executive officers.

Vice Chairs - In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chairs, in order of their rank, shall perform all the duties of the Chair, and, when they are acting for the Chair, they shall have all the powers of the Chair. The Vice Chairs shall have any other powers and perform any other duties assigned to each of them by the Board.

Secretary - The Secretary shall keep the original or a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, these By-Laws and any other rules and regulations of the corporation at the principal office of this corporation. The Secretary will prepare a book of the minutes of all meetings of the Board and its committees, which will contain a copy of the notice of the meeting, will show the time and place of the meeting, whether it was regular or special and, if special, how it was authorized, the names of those present, and will contain a description of the proceedings and any written consents. The Secretary will see that all notices are given, will be custodian of the records and the seal of the corporation, will keep at the principal office of the corporation a membership list containing the names and addresses of the members and any other information pertaining to them, and will perform any other duties assigned by the Board.

Treasurer - The Treasurer will prepare and present to the Executive Committee a detailed annual budget and a summary of it, and, upon approval by the Executive Committee, present the summary of the detailed budget to the Board for its approval. The Treasurer will prepare, and, if the Board orders have certified by a firm of independent certified public accountants, financial statements to be included in the Annual Report to members. The Treasurer will perform all duties incident to the office of Treasurer and any other duties assigned by the Board.