Board of Governors

December 30, 2014

Terry Ann Gordon, Costume Design & Supervision

Terry Ann Gordon has been a costume designer and costume supervisor since 1980. A board member of the CDG 892, she is also a supervisor in IATSE 705. She enjoys a varied and satisfying career in the industry.

Beginning her career designing commercials, Terry segued into Television as the Men's Supervisor on the CBS hit comedy The Nanny. Three Emmy Nominations and six seasons later, she continued onto the Reba sitcom for five seasons. Her connection to these two incredible female performers has continued throughout her career.

Following the Reba show, she continues to design for Reba personally as well for her promotions, concert tours, events, Vegas shows and subsequent sitcom, Malibu Country. Her work with Fran Drescher continued in supervising two seasons of the hit comedy Happily Divorced.

A few of her other television credits include costume designing on The Winner, Romantically Challenged, Working Class, and a variety of pilots. Working as a supervisor she supervised Happily Divorced, Faking It and a variety of children's shows. A career highlight was her recent work with William Ivey Long on Grease Live.

Terry teaches "Costume Design for Television and Film" as well as figure drawing and production at USC and enjoys designing an occasional play there.