From the Chairman

Frank Scherma, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

As we at the Television Academy solidify our strategy for the next two years, I am thrilled that we have already accomplished one of our primary goals.

We are proud to be the first major entertainment organization to move on from DVDs and flash drives for FYC screeners. This decision will save our industry partners millions in manufacturing and shipping costs, and it will have an enormous positive effect on the environment by reducing energy use and eliminating waste.

In addition, it keeps pace with technological advancements in content delivery and shifts in the viewing habits of Academy members and the public at large. The distribution of FYC screeners to Emmy Award voters has been a seasonal ritual for eligible Academy members for more than 25 years.

Like so many other aspects of our industry, the FYC process has evolved over time, driven largely by breakthroughs in technology. It started in 1993, when broadcast and cable networks began sending VHS cassettes to Emmy voters. VHS was the standard until 2001, when DVDs were introduced, followed by flash drives in 2008.

VHS cassettes, which had already fallen out of favor, were officially phased out in 2009. Recently, in addition to DVDs and drives, companies began sending access codes, permitting viewing on digital platforms. In January, the Academy announced that our board of governors had voted to make 2019 the final year for DVDs and flash drives.

Following the 71st Emmy Awards, to be held September 22, screening of eligible programs will take place exclusively on digital platforms hosted by production and distribution entities, or on the Academy’s viewing platform.

Before proposing the elimination of DVDs, Academy executives did extensive research and held discussions with members and media partners. Their positive responses — coupled with compelling statistics about the negative environmental impact of physical media — contributed to this decision.

At the same time, we realize that this change will affect many individuals and businesses, which is why we made the announcement in January. This will allow time for the Academy — along with our partners and vendors — to plan for the transition.

This decision, and its expected beneficial outcomes, are consistent with the Academy’s commitment to be at the forefront of innovation and to foster positive change. Frank Scherma Chairman and CEO Television Academy

Frank Scherma
Chairman and CEO Television Academy