CTA Rules & Eligibility


The 39th College Television Awards competition has evolved and features redefined categories, new deadlines and an immersive industry experience in Los Angeles. College Television nominees and winners will become part of the Television Academy Foundation’s alumni family and have the opportunity to participate in year-round networking opportunities and events.

The Television Academy Foundation has aligned the College Television Awards more closely with Emmy® Awards Program categories, and the serialized nature of television. You’ll find that several of the genre categories are now genre series categories — Drama has become Drama SeriesComedy has become Comedy Series, etc. This change is not intended to discourage submissions!

If you have a closed-end piece developed as a “short film,” we encourage you to submit it as a single episode of a series in the appropriate genre category. To complete the submission, you will be asked to imagine your program as an episode in a series, and write short synopses of two additional episodes which will reviewed as part of your submission.

NOTE: These two “imagined” episodes need not be produced, nor intended to be produced. The judges want to see where you would take your story.

If you have any questions about this change or how to complete your submission, please do not hesitate to reach out to CTASupport@TelevisionAcademy.com.

We look forward to seeing your work!


  1. Eligible individuals must have been enrolled in an accredited college within the United States at the time of production and completion. Faculty verification is required.
  2. Eligible credits are Producer, Director and Writer, any of whom may make an entry. If a school does not allow students to make submissions, a festival coordinator or other faculty serving in a similar role is permitted to submit on behalf of the students.
  3. Eligible programming must have been produced between January 1, 2017 and July 31, 2018.
  4. Any piece commissioned for commercial use is ineligible.
  5. It is a general principle of this contest that a single achievement is limited to a single bid for a College Television Award. This principle requires that every entrant place his/her achievement in only one category. Please note that the sole exception to this rule allows a program entered in the regular categories of the CTA competition to additionally enter in the Loreen Arbus Focus on Disability category (providing it meets the criteria described in that category).



  1. All applicants must create a new account for every year they submit.
  2. The title of each entry must be listed uniformly throughout the entire submission process, e.g., This is My Entry must always be written as This is My Entry.
  3. Entry titles should not start with the word The. Titles must always be written as Newspaper, The.
  4. Do not use quotations in title of entry.
  5. PSAs, commercials and advertisements (including school advertisements) appearing in your content must be deleted and replaced with 3-5 seconds of black.
  6. Please do not submit any additional materials that are not specifically required for your entry.
  7. Entries made in a foreign language must include English subtitles. Foreign entries that do not include English subtitles will be disqualified.
  8. Entries that are incomplete, inaccurate or missing information will be disqualified.
  9. Credits must be included with each entry. There will be no changing of credits after an entry has been submitted.
  10. If at any time your personal information should change, it is your responsibility to notify CTASupport@televisionacademy.com.
  11. As a part of the online application, a Faculty Advisor verification email will be generated and sent to certify the Producer(s), Director(s) and Writer(s) were students at the time of production and completion. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the Faculty Advisor responds to the email prior to the competition deadline.

For entry questions, please email:


Please be sure your submitted video conforms to these parameters:

Video: 1920x1080 progressive
Codec: H.264
Bit rate: 6-8 MB
Audio: AAC, stereo, 192-320kbps, 44-48 kHz

The file must be under 2 GB.
MP4 format is preferred.
No added slates, timecodes, bars & tone, commercials or promos.

For more specification details please visit Brightcove, our video hosting platform.

For video upload assistance, please email:


Should your entry be chosen as a Nominee, the Television Academy Foundation will request a 30 second clip and a three-minute promo of the submission. The Television Academy Foundation will have the rights per the Release of Exhibition Rights to utilize the 30 second clip in conjunction with the Television Academy Foundation and all promotion/marketing efforts of such. Rights extended to use of the clip for video and/or still photography needs and includes the use of all logos/marks.


Nominees and Winners will be determined by the members of the Television Academy in accordance with procedures established by the Television Academy Foundation. All decisions are final.

* Subject to change

updated 10.15.18