Emmy Magazine Ad Specs & Requirements

These specifications and requirements apply to both Emmy magazine and the Primetime Emmys program book.


  • Trim Size: 8.375" x 10.875"

  • See below for bleed specifications.
  • Binding Method: Perfect
  • Four-color process
  • Special Pantone colors available on request for additional charge; contact salesperson for details.


Post your high-resolution PDF/X-1a at emmy's FTP site:

  • Host: emmysftp.techempower.com
  • Username: magguest
  • Password: emmymag
  • (All lower case)

Please identify your file by your company name. Do not title it "Emmy Ad."

Please notify us when your file has been posted. Email hirsch@televisionacademy.com.

Send your SWOP-certified color proof to:

emmy Editor
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
5220 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601-3109


Required Format: High-resolution PDF/X-1a. SWOP specifications apply.


Recommended Screen: 150 Tone Density: Maximum 280%


  • Emmy prints PDF/X-1a files only. Quality control depends on properly created PDFs.
  • Images must be 300 DPI. CMYK TIFFs must be 100% of final size. RGB colors cannot be accepted.
  • Bleed ads should have at least 1/8" (.125") bleed on all sides.
  • All live elements — type, etc. — must be at least 1/4" (.25") inside the final trim area.
  • Transparencies must be flattened.
  • All ads must contain crop marks offset by 24 points.
  • Embed all necessary fonts in each PDF.

DISCLAIMER: While we will do our best to match colors, color reproduction is not guaranteed. Please note: color and shade variances will stay within SWOP ranges if a SWOP-certified color proof is supplied. Without a SWOP-certified color proof, advertiser will have no claims for color and/or shade variances. Furthermore, even with furnished color proofs, substantial compliance will constitute satisfactory performance.

Advertising Units



Non-Bleed (Live)


Width x Depth

Width x Depth

Width x Depth

Full page

8.375" x 10.875"

8.625" x 11.1875"

7" x 10"

Two-page spread

16.75" x 10.875"

17" x 11.1875"

15" x 10"

1/2 page horizontal

8.375" x 5.4375"

8.625" x 5.675"

7" x 4.625"

Safety: Live matter .25" from trim. Special handling cover to text: Keep live matter .375" from center gutter. Special sizes available on request. Ask your sales representative.

Materials will be returned upon request; otherwise they will be disposed of after printing.


  • Our organization's formal name is: Television Academy.
  • Always capitalize the first letter of both words.
  • Please do not use the acronym "ATAS."
  • When referring to the Television Academy's signature awards show and statuette, please use the proper name: Emmy Awards.
  • Whenever the Emmy statuette is used, it should appear facing left and must be accompanied by ® at its base (denoting trademark protection).

For additional information, please refer to our Trademark/Copyright policy, Graphics Standards Manual and Brand Platform, all of which are available for download under the Business Resources: Brand Guideline and Policies heading here.

updated 7.22.16