Harry Marks

Harry Marks

England, UK
March 11
Date of passing: 
April 21, 2019







Harry Marks was a British broadcast design artist.

A pioneer in the use of emerging imaging technologies like CGI, Marks used complex cameras to create graphics that gave motion to words and titles for network promos and show introductions.

Marks began his career at age 15 as a typographer and publications designer at Oxford University Press. At 18, he left his native England and moved to San Francisco, where he worked with the University of California Press.

In the mid-1960s, Marks came to Los Angeles and landed a job at ABC, where his assignment was to improve the on-air graphic appearance of the network. He created the memorable "Still the One" campaign for ABC's new 1977-78 season back when networks went all out to produce spectacular promos each September for their new shows. He later did on-air graphics for NBC and CBS and worked on brand packaging for international TV networks.

Marks and Richard Saul Wurman created the first TED conference in 1984, bringing together people from the converging worlds of technology, entertainment and design. He retired in 2005.

Marks died April 21, 2019, in Pebble Beach, California. He was 88.