Dick Miller

Dick Miller

Bronx, New York
December 25
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January 30, 2019




Dick Miller

Dick Miller

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Dick Miller was an American actor.

A New York native, Miller served a tour of duty in the United States Navy. He attended the City College of New York, Columbia University, and New York University, eventually attaining a Ph.D. in psychology. He worked at the Bellevue Hospital Mental Hygiene Clinic and the psychiatric department of Queens General Hospital.

In 1952, he moved to California seeking work as a writer. His first film role was in Apache Woman (with Lloyd Bridges) in 1955.

Miller appeared in 19 films directed by Roger Corman, including Bucket Of Blood, The Terror, and the original 1960 version of Little Shop of Horrors, the latter two of which marked early film appearances by Jack Nicholson. Miller also worked with directors Martin Scorsese in New York, New York and After Hours, Steven Spielberg in 1941, James Cameron in The Terminator, Robert Zemeckis in I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Used Cars, and Joe Dante in 16 films, including Gremlins, and its sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

His television appearances include Dragnet, The Untouchables, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, The Virginian, Mannix, McCloud, Police Woman, Alice, Barnaby Jones, Taxi, Knots Landing, Fame, Moonlighting, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Who’s The Boss?, ER, and NYPD Blue.

In 2014, Miller was the subject of a well-received documentary film, That Guy Dick Miller.

Miller died January 30, 2019, in Toluca Lake, California. He was 90.