Bradley Bolke

Bradley Bolke

New York City, New York
October 01
Date of passing: 
January 15, 2019







Bradley Bolke was an American voice actor.

Bolke provided the voice of Chumley the walrus, the dim-witted sidekick to wise-cracking penguin Tennessee Tuxedo (voiced by Don Adams) on Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales, the cartoon series which aired on CBS from 1963-66 and then for years afterward in reruns. Bolke also provided many other voices for the series.

Bolke also portrayed Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev on the landmark comedy album The First Family, which lampooned the John F. Kennedy administration, and remains the biggest selling comedy album of all time.

Bolke also is heard as the big-nosed elf, Jangle Bells, on the animated classic The Year Without a Santa Claus, which premiered in 1974 and starred Mickey Rooney as Santa and Shirley Booth as Mrs. Claus.

Bolke’s late brother was comedian Dayton Allen, who was one of Steve Allen’s stock company of players on many of Allen’s series and specials, and voiced Deputy Dawg and Lancelot Link in cartoons.

Bolke died January 15, 2019, in Dobbs Ferry, New York. He was 93.