Board of Governors

December 14, 2017

Rich Carter, Commercials

Rich Carter, along with director Theodore Melfi ("Hidden Figures"; "St. Vincent") launched brother in 2014. As Executive Producer, Carter oversees award-winning work for clients such as INTEL, Dominos, and FedEx. brother recently celebrated the release of their first film "El Camino Christmas" which began streaming on Netflix in December 2017.

Carter was born in Kansas and stumbled into advertising at the young age of 18 when he was kidnapped out of college by a bunch of really mad men and forced to work at a small advertising agency in Chicago. Some years later, he liberated himself from his aggressors and hid out in Los Angeles working in production. For a few years, he served as a double (and sometimes triple) agent moving back and forth between production and agency work in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

Prior to forming brother, he was EP/Co-Owner of GARTNER for many years. Carter is currently the Vice Chairman of the AICP National Board of Directors; he has served in many capacities on the Board and within the organization over the years.

In 1998, Carter was awarded an Emmy for Best Commercial for "New Friend". As well he has received numerous advertising awards including Cannes Lion, AICP MOMA, and Clios.

He is an accomplished amateur chef, plays both saxophone and banjo very poorly, dreams of being a stand-up comedian and very much enjoys his four children who are struggling, under very trying circumstances to raise him properly.

updated 12.14.17