Online Voting Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I choose a category?

Roll over any category on your screen. The category box will highlight. Click the category to proceed to the ballot for that category. Once you have submitted your votes in a category and returned to the Home screen, that category box will be grayed out and you will no longer be able to access it.

Why don't I see all the categories?

Only the categories applicable to you and your peer group will be available to you in the nominations round of voting. Once you vote in a category, it will be grayed out.

I'm done voting, where do I go now?

Once you have voted in all your categories, all the category boxes will be grayed out and you are done!


How do I vote for an entry?

To vote for an entry, click the box next to the entry of your choice. The entry name will be added to the "My Nominations" box as you go, and the box next to the entry will get filled in. You cannot add the same selection more than once in the same category.

Where can I see a list of the eligible programs?

All eligible entries will be presented to you onscreen in each category ballot.

Does it matter in what order I list the entries I'm selecting? First choice, second choice, etc.?

No, the order in which you list the entries has no effect on how they are counted. The list is defined by the order they appear in the ballot.

Am I required to pick all 10 entries?

No. However, the more entries you select, the more your votes will factor into the final results.

Can I come back to this category later if I change my mind?

Once you have submitted your votes for a category you cannot come back. You can return to a category at any time before you have submitted your finished ballot. If you leave a category before submitting your votes, you will have to begin again for that category.

Reviewing and Submitting Your Ballot

How much time do I have to vote?

Voting must be completed by the end of the voting period at 10:00PM PT on June 25, 2018. However, you may log in multiple times over the voting period to complete all the categories in which you are eligible to vote.

Is there a way I can look at all of my votes on one page?

Unfortunately not for all categories, however the "My Nominations" page will show you all your votes for a single category before you submit your ballot for each individual category.

I've changed my mind about one of my votes - what do I do?

If you're on the "My Nominations" page and you spot something on your ballot you would like to change, click the "Change Selection" button. This will return you to the voting page for that category. Please remember once you've submitted your votes for a category you cannot come back. The category will appear grayed out.

How do I finish and submit my ballot?

To finalize your ballot, click "Submit My Ballot" at the bottom of the "My Nominations" page. Remember, once you've done this your votes will be locked and you will no longer be able to change your vote for that category. After you have submitted your ballot, you will see the confirmation screen. Click "Return to Categories" to vote in another category or "Logout" in the upper right corner to end your current voting session.

Is there a number I can call for help?

The Online Voting Helpdesk is 888.995.5388.

Our Helpdesk staff is available from 9:00AM PT through 6:00PM PT Monday-Friday during voting periods (June 11-June 25 and August 13-August 27). We will have extended hours on Monday, August 27 until voting closes at 10:00PM PT.

If calling from outside the U.S., dial 001 first; international phone rates may apply.

You can also reach us via email at

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