Me and My Emmy

Me and My Emmy: Kathryn Burns

  • Corey Nickols

Primetime Emmy Tally: One

How She Got the Gold: Outstanding choreography for the CW’s Crazy Ex- Girlfriend (2016).

Now for the Noms: Her Emmy win followed her first nomination.

Happy Stance: “I tried working in postproduction and multiple other side jobs, but I found that I would get really grumpy if I didn’t dance. So I guess you could say, I decided to be happy.”

Fave Rave: “On Ex-Girlfriend I have a soft spot for the dance number ‘I’m So Good at Yoga.’ Not only does Rebecca [Rachel Bloom] embody how I feel in yoga class, but I got to create a fantastical number with ten amazing dancers and choreograph nutty moves to match lyrics like, ‘I do things with my body that no human should be able to do.’”

Step Back: “I went to college to be a nurse. If I was good at science, I would have been Kathryn Burns, R.N.”

Step Forward: “When my family would ask me if I had a career plan, I would describe my creative path as if I was a bunny following a golden carrot — as long as the opportunity, or carrot, was in front of me, I knew I was on the right path.”

Emmy Memory: “My mom wouldn’t stop hugging me. I knew I had only a short time for my speech, so I said, ‘Mom, I gotta go up there.’ Then my dad said, ‘You go, girl!’ I ran up the stairs, three-inch heels and all. I could hear my friends, coworkers and family cheering for me. That was the most memorable part, to share the magical evening with loved ones.”

This article originally appeared in emmy magazine, Issue No. 3, 2017