From the Chairman

Hayma Washington, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Among the Television Academy and Television Academy Foundation's many partnerships is a flourishing collaboration between the Foundation's oral history project, The Interviews, and the Google Cultural Institute, a nonprofit initiative created to bring the world's cultural heritage online.

Their most recent venture, launched in February, was the wonderful Black History Month: African Americans in News & Entertainment.

This program features excerpts from The Interviews' extensive library, with stories from such renowned figures as LeVar Burton, Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Diahann Carroll, Ed Bradley, Winifred Hervey, Quincy Jones, Gwen Ifill, Reuben Cannon and Leslie Uggams.

If you have not seen it, I encourage you to look for it on the Foundation or Google Cultural Institute websites. And while you're at it, I invite you to explore the more than 800 in-depth videotaped oral histories with television legends and pioneers that comprise The Interviews.

A partnership of a different kind is the one between the Academy leadership and our membership. Like most corporations governed by a board, the Academy operates under a set of bylaws that outline practices and processes related to both the board and individual members. We take these very seriously. So much so, in fact, that we maintain a standing committee that periodically reviews and, when appropriate, proposes revisions to the statutes.

Over the past year, the bylaws committee — in consultation with the Academy's staff and our legal counsel, Venable LLP — carefully studied our bylaws and articles of incorporation and drafted revisions that were discussed and approved by the board of governors in January. These documents have been shared with all active members for their review and approval. We hope you've already added your vote on these new governing documents, but if not, you have until March 16.

At the same time, the Academy reviewed and updated our code of conduct for both our leaders and members. As with the bylaws, we began our review more than a year ago, but we expedited the process late last fall, in light of news reports alleging inappropriate conduct, sexual harassment and even assault by some prominent entertainment figures.

These reports prompted several industry organizations to revisit their codes of conduct, and rightly so. We share with them a deep sense of responsibility to provide clear workplace benchmarks reflecting decency and respect. To be comprehensive, we addressed conduct at Academy events and other non-work settings as well. This new code of conduct can be found on the home page of your member portal account. To review it, please log in at

If you have questions about the documents, voting procedures or any related matters, please contact the Academy's membership department at or (818) 754-2614. Thank you to those who have already participated in this process and let their voices be heard.

Hayma Washington
Chairman and CEO Television Academy