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Sea jellies have lived on Earth for at least 500 million years, making them three times as old as dinosaurs. Come to the Aquarium and learn more about the intriguing world of sea jellies. You can also get up-close with more than a dozen Magellanic Penguins in the June Keyes Penguin Habitat or touch one of the most legendary predators in our Shark Lagoon.

Horses and Dragons

While Pegasus is a mythical creature, did you know that winged horses really do exist in the ocean? Or, that male seadragons carry eggs until they hatch, and that seahorses can change color? Visitors will be able to see and learn more about the unusual animals in the Syngnathid group, which includes the sea moth (also known as Pegasus), seahorses, seadragans, pipefish, and razorfish through exhibit displays, a film in the Great Hall, and education programs in the Marine Life Theater.

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Vanishing Animals

Visitors will be able to learn more about animal extinctions, humans’ relationship with our planet, and our future ocean through a five-minute daily show in our Ocean Science Center. Animals on display will include fishes, newts, and salamanders native to local streams, as well as some invasive species of crayfish and  finfish in these ecosystems; American alligators; healthy corals contrasted with corals overgrown with algae; oysters, mussels, and white abalone, representing species commonly propagated in the aquaculture farms; Atlantic cod; and cardinal tetras and discus fish.

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Vanishing Animals: click here


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