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Edward Fassl currently holds the title of director of sound services at Larson Studios, a leading independent post-production audio facility in Hollywood. Fassl is currently the supervising sound editor on shows such as Lab Rats: Elite Force, BUNK’D, KC Undercover, and Liv & Maddie for the Disney Channel. He has over 30 years of experience in audio and video postproduction for film and television.

He served over eight years at Laser Pacific Digital Sound Services, one of the first fully digital audio postproduction facilities in Hollywood, on shows such as Charmed and 7th Heaven. He has also worked at several major studios such as Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Studios. His experience as a sound editor, supervising sound editor and facilities manager has given him the knowledge to well represent the sound editing community.


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  • Edward Fassl and Erin Fassl at the 2016 Creative Arts Ball.

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  • Television Academy Governors Edward Fassl, Daniel H. Birman, President and COO, Maury McIntyre, Chairman, Bruce Rosenblum, Vice Chair, Kevin Hamburger and Governor Tammy Glover at the 2015 Creative Arts Ball. 

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