Peer Groups

Television Executives

Requirements for membership in the Television Executives Peer Group

Please note that requirements for credits, number of programs, number of hours or days, or percentages of time spent (as outlined below) are requirements which must be met within the (4) four years preceding one's application for membership; also, such requirements apply in each instance to the production and/or distribution of nationally-exhibited audio visual works.

Active Status:

Employment by a television broadcast, cable, production or distribution company as a senior level executive (director or equivalent or above) with an impact on program creative/content for at least 2 years within the past 4 years or SVP level or above for at least 2 years within the past 4 years in other functions in broadcast, cable, production, or distribution company, as approved by the governors or a qualifying work history to be determined by the peer group executive committee.

Categories of employment for this peer group are:

  • Programming (development and current)
  • Program finance
  • Standards and Practices
  • Program Scheduling
  • On Air Promotion
  • Program Marketing
  • Program Research
  • Program Distribution
  • Program Sales
  • Program Ad sales
  • Program Business & Legal Affairs

Categories that do not meet the criteria for this peer group:

  • Human Resources
  • Engineering
  • Facilities/Studio Operations
  • Community Affairs
  • Corporate Giving

Associate Status:

Primary activity for a period of one year with one of the verifiable categories as listed.

updated 10.27.17

Board of Governors Television Executives Representatives