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For Michael Connelly, the author-turned-producer behind Bosch, crime stories have always gone deeper than whodunit.

When casting one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer set their sights on no less than Geoffrey Rush. He turned them down, but they eventually got their man.

From a renowned writer to a respectful producer, The Handmaid’s Tale finds a new form on Hulu.

Kathryn Hahn steps up to a role that doesn’t back down.

Briga Heelan goes for it.

On Billions, they’re the oh-so-stylish powers behind their conspiring mates.

Photographs by Mike Ruiz

She’s not a mom or a doctor, but she plays one on TV.

With Oprah Winfrey, a distinguished writer-director depicts a daughter’s search — and a medical marvel — in a new HBO film.